The First Moon Camp is a ceremonial camp for girls ages 9 to 19 in Herrick, South Dakota. At the camp they learn about the importance of the power they carry while on their moons (menstrual cycles), sexual health and reproductive education, the sacredness of their bodies, proper hygiene, and the right to refuse unwanted contact. While at the camp they participate in the following activities; talking circles, harvest traditional plants and herbs, prepare traditional foods, make traditional crafts such as dolls, dresses and other projects, play traditional games, sweat lodge and learn Native American songs and language. Everyone helps with meals, chores and stays in teepees. See below for pictures from this year’s camp.

For questions regarding the First Moon Camp or any of our programs/events, past or present, please contact the SOMS Project Director, SOMS Administrative Assistant, SOMS Program Manager or SOMS Youth Health Outreach Manager at 402-346-0902 ext. 219, 201, 223 or 205. To view past and current events, check out our calendar.

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