The “All Nations Youth Council” is a youth-driven, youth-run council, with guidance from NUIHC-SOMS staff, parent leaders and speakers when needed, for youth ages 10 to 24. However, while the council’s target age range is 10 to 24, no one is excluded from attending.

The aim of the All Nations Youth Council is to foster outreach to and communicate with other youth, and for other youth to see the All Nations Youth as peers they can talk to.

The youth council meets every other Thursday from 6 to 8 pm. A meal is provided for all youth. Parents, grandparents, caregivers and/or guardians are welcome to attend and observe a meeting or there is additional space available while the youth engage in everything the council has to offer.

The youth council focuses on whole person health. To achieve this, the youth council participates in required trainings such as Historical Trauma, Mental Health First Aid, Peer to Peer Support, cultural identity and traditional roles in the family, health conferences, workshops, reproductive/sexual health education, bullying prevention, building healthy relationships with their peers, community members, and leaders, gang/violence issues, etc. and other areas the youth express an interest in. The youth also participate in a Native Stand curriculum that covers the above-mentioned topics through traditional teachings.

To keep up to date on All Nations Youth Council meetings and other events, check out our calendar of events.

For additional questions regarding the All Nations Youth Council, or about any of other programs or community organizations/coalitions, please contact the SOMS Project Director, SOMS Administrative Assistant, SOMS Youth Program Manager or SOMS Youth Health Outreach Manager at 402-346-0902 ext. 219, 201, 223 or 212.

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