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I bet you are wondering what donuts have to do with prevention? My mind is a crazy thing, as I was wondering to myself the best way to explain the methodology behind what we do, the word holistic, came to mind which led me to think about all the aspects of our health.

DonutA circle is often used in Native American culture to identify the four stages of life, the four directions, the people of the earth and four distinct areas for overall health … so why donuts because donuts are missing something, and often in our lives when someone is missing something in their lives they often fill it with un-healthy things.

The four areas of health are Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Mental. These four areas of health enable us to grow, mature and be productive.

Mental: Often times people think that learning stops with school, but we are and should be life-long learners continually sharpening and honing our mental health area. Mental health is about growing through learning, thinking and using our natural gifts.

Spiritual: Spirituality and religion are often used to refer to the same thing, one’s beliefs and/or religious affiliation. Spiritual health is also about your connectedness not just to each other, but to your environment. Unfortunately we often get so overwhelmed with our lives that we don’t stop and think how our actions affect others or the earth that we live on and provides our most basic of needs air to breathe, water to nourish and the land to live and grow on.

We are all connected.

Physical: Our physical well-being is often the one we most focus on, are we taking care of ourselves, are we eating right, exercising, and not subjecting our bodies to harmful substances? Our physical actions, those things that we do are what everyone else judges us by. These actions are what our children, employers and community see and it is also how we role model to others. Do you know of someone who drinks alcohol every night? What kind of a role model do you think he/she is for their children and/or other people?

Emotional: Our emotional health has to do with our emotions, feelings, attitudes and stability. Often we hear people talk about low self-esteem, someone being in an abusive relationship. These are often tied back to our self-worth, often when someone feels good about themselves that confidence shines through. People whom use others, hurt and control them look for people with low self-esteem, so when you learn to love yourself despite all of your flaws and view yourself as someone who is worthy of love our strength is a deterrent to those whom would take advantage.PrayerWheel

Taking care of all aspects of your health will open your eyes to so many things. I read in a vegan cookbook how once the author changed from to a plant-based diet that she started to care more about other aspects about her health, such as what she put on for lotion, shampoo etc… At first when I read that; I thought that won’t happen to me I have my hands full enough with figuring out tasty, economical and quick vegan meals without the other stuff, but you know what she was right, after a while I did start to care about the amount of garbage I threw away, to dying my hair etc…

Prevention isn’t about the drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, because substance abuse goes deeper than what is used, and is why is it being used, and that is often tied back to a person’s holistic health. When people feel like something is missing, their connectedness, their emotional well-being, or their physical or mental health that is when they turn to other things to fill the emptiness. Understanding the root causes of why someone uses, is a huge step in helping them to become happier and healthier individuals.

I so want a donut right now.

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