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Dealing With Grief

As we as a community deal with the saddening news of the death of the mother and her five year old son, I sit here with a heavy heart still. I attended the vigil that was held on Friday evening last week. To see the community that gathered to pay their respects, pray, and show their support to the family and the community to deal with the loss and pain was humbling. All those individuals that were there were connected in one way or another. I stood there thinking of my own children, of my friends that I have lost in acts of violence, and of all those that continue to be affected by the irreversible acts of others. We all prayed together wishing and hoping that the little five year old boy would be found safe and returned to his family.

griefWe as a community were praying as one for the return of this precious little child. Last week the news announced that they had found this young boy. It was not the outcome that we wanted to hear. He was not alive, but he was going to be able to be laid to rest properly and the family would not have to wonder where he is or if he was suffering still.

My heart aches for this family, for the baby that was left in the dumpster and for the father that is left now to live with this pain and raise the baby that was spared. There are many acts of violence in our city, this one hit many close to home though. The thought of this mother and son being killed by the older son/brother is hard to swallow. This innocent child that has to be laid to rest now because of someone’s stupid mistake. We don’t know for sure what the details of the story, was the brother on drugs or alcohol that caused him to commit this act of violence? There are many unknowns, but the one thing that is known is that two beautiful lives were cut short and there are many that were affected by this story.

There are tragic things that happen in our lives whether it is our direct family or friends that it involves or something that happens in the community that we cannot understand. When these tragedies/ events that occur there are some people that have been equipped with positive tools and coping skills to get through it. On the other hand there are many people that do not have the skills to know how to work through the grief or hardship and may turn to negative things like drugs, alcohol and suicide. As we as a community try to work to get through this tragedy please take the time to observe those that are around you, if they seem to be having a harder time they may need some outside help or just someone to talk to, or if you yourself find it unbearably to deal with on your own please do not hesitate to reach out for help. You do matter….don’t think you are a burden, get the help you need.

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