In 2015 we kicked off the Hoops 4 Life 3 on 3 basketball tournament with a Native American youth leadership conference. The all-day conference was held at Turning Point Campus in Omaha. Presentation topics included empowerment, goal-setting, suicide awareness, substance abuse prevention, and healthy relationships. Choctaw Nation-member and basketball slam-dunk phenom Kenny Dobbs spoke at the conference and showcased his dunking skills at the tournament. Mr. Dobbs is a former chairman of the Arizona State Youth Advisory Council for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention, and has launched a national program to combat Native American youth suicide.

life-church-map2016’s conference will be held on November 11, 2016 at Life Church in Omaha, NE with Kenny Dobbs speaking on empowerment, goal setting, cultural protective factors, and bullying as well as performing at the conference and tournament along with other nationally known, culturally appropriate speakers.

For questions regarding Empowerment 4 Life or any of our events, past or present, please contact the SOMS Program Director, SOMS Administrative Assistant or SOMS Youth Health Outreach Manager at 402-346-0902 ext. 219, 201 or 205. To view past and current events, check out our calendar.

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