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Good Day

Yesterday was a good day

I have been in the substance abuse prevention field for 5 years, and like most service fields where you are working to make positive change in the world, those moments when you see things that give you hope are often few and far between, or maybe we just become so jaded, always seeing the problems that we can’t see the forest for the trees.

Yesterday after getting home from work, and spending a little extra time on a grant that we are writing to work towards positive change, I got up and decided to go out on our deck and get some fresh air. It was in the 70’s yesterday and I have felt the need to start focusing more on my own health and well-being. We live right behind a new, upper middle class development with two lakes and a nice walking area, and since the trees are still bare, and our deck is up high we can see into the development and the walking areas. What I saw yesterday, may seem small to some people, but I know that it is the everyday small things that have the most lasting impact on our lives. I saw a mother with her three sons walking around the lakes. The boys ranged in age from probably 6-9th grade. A lot of people would say, not the age that wants to be seen with their parents, and boys let alone with their mother, but I disagree our children do want to be around us, but that relationship doesn’t happen in a day, it takes days, weeks, months and years of those small, everyday moments to create youth whom are confident enough in themselves to be comfortable being in the company of a parent. When I saw that Mom walking with her boys, I just wanted to yell out Great Job Mom! I didn’t but I wanted to.

The second things that I saw that literally made me cry, and to be honest I believe that there is something more to my reaction than I understand. Since I started blogging, over 6 months ago my soap box has been about the relationships that we build, nurture and encourage. While paging through Facebook I saw a video about three children, 10, 8 and 22 months playing in a park in Washington, when out of the blue a man comes up and grabs the 22 month old and takes off with him. As a parent it is one of your worst nightmares, but it wasn’t a parent or even a babysitter who witnessed this, it is reported that the babysitter had left the children unsupervised. It was the 10 year old brother and 8 year old sister, and what they did was truly amazing, and still makes my eyes sting with tears, they went racing after the man and their baby brother. This was also caught on camera, and shows the little girl first, with her brother trailing behind pushing the stroller. The little girl’s screaming caught the attention of two teenage boys, who also took chase, and because of the heroic, selfless act of all these children, the kidnapper abandoned the 22 month old in an alley and took off.

In today’s world where so many of us, are too afraid to do the right thing, to hear and see these children, whom we often do not give enough credit for making wise decisions, these children did what needed to be done. It was four children whom took chase after a kidnapper to rescue one of their own, not adults, and there was at least one adult in the area. Relationships are what make our world a good place to be in, a place where we can say “Yesterday was a Good Day,” and it was a good day because of the people in the world who were there for each other, and THAT is PREVENTION.

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