The Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition and the SOMS program, in collaboration with area health professionals and youth-serving organizations, has developed and is the process of implementing a Native American Sex and Relationship Education Program (NASREP). NASREP is focused on leadership, empowerment, solidarity-building, and healthy relationships/sexual behavior. NASREP’s objective is to involve Native American adolescents in addressing the immediate need to provide effective STD/STI and pregnancy prevention education. NASREP operates using a culturally appropriate foundation regarding sex and relationship forums, STD testing/counseling, and condom distribution. NASREP consists of an 8-week program targeted towards, but not limited to, Native American male and females ages 13-24 who permanently or temporarily reside in Douglas County, NE. Males and females will be split up into two separate groups with a customized and individualized curriculum. NUIHC’s overall goal is to work collaboratively within the community to educate Native American adolescents, their partners and families on safe sex practices.

For questions regarding the Sex-E is Safe classes or any of our programs/events, past or present, please contact the SOMS Project Director, SOMS Administrative Assistant, SOMS Program Manager or SOMS Youth Health Outreach Manager at 402-346-0902 ext. 219, 201, 223 or 205. To view past and current events, check out our calendar.

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