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Substance Abuse Prevention: Taking Action/Resources

NIDA for TeensNational Institute on Drug Abuse

This week’s blog, as promised, will focus on resources. The National Institute on Drug Abuse Directed by Nora D. Volkow, M.D since 2003 is a great resource not just for youth, but for adults, researchers, medical and health professionals and patients and families.

This website is a cornucopia of information, and resources I don’t even know where to start. As a Prevention Specialist we often rely on statistics to guide our services and programs, to watch trends and to educate our community on upcoming concerns. Instead of going all over the internet to find trends/statistics it is a one stop shop. It even has articles on up-and-coming prevention strategies, and if that isn’t enough there is so much more…

As a parent I would want to know what are upcoming drugs of abuse and how to educate my children on the dangers that these substances pose. If you click on the pull down for a specific drug you will get a brief description of the drug, effects, trends/statistics, and other related articles. Not only are there links for parents, but links and resources for educators so if you want to help educate your children’s teacher too.

NIDA for teens is this is a colorful, interactive page with interactive videos, blogs, challenges, free pamphlets/materials, question and answers from real teens, information on drugs…

My mind is reeling you could spend weeks, even months on this website alone. To really appreciate it though you have to take some time and visit it. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has so much to offer in information, interactive activities, free materials, trends, stats, articles and more, NIDA will be a great asset to your prevention arsenal.


Anita Wisecup


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